Welcome to the world of Indian music. India is a land rich in cultural heritage. India is a true cultural kaleidoscope. The more you know India, the more it will amaze you. Every state in India as its own unique and distinct culture. There is uniqueness in its architecture, history, cuisine, music, costumes, dance and language.

This website aims to bring forth the various aspects of Indian music. The various forms of music that will be brought into limelight here are classical music, folk music, devotional music and hymns.

There are two main forms of classical music in India – Carnatic and Hindustani. While the two forms have similar concepts, they are marvelously unique in their style. Right now, this website will have more focus on Carnatic music. But the vision is to bring out the beauty of both Hindustani and Carnatic music on this website.

Please click through the links on the on the top to explore. You will find information about Carnatic music, its heritage, its technicalities, its melodious Raagas and much more. Please note that this website does not deal with pure forms of commercial film music.

If you are someone, who does not know anything about Indian classical music or some one who knows very little, this is a good place to start. If you know something about it or if you are an expert, read through and contribute

MusicNamaste.com is a dream come true for Sushma Bhat. This website is designed, created and maintained by Sushma Bhat. Sushma Bhat learnt Carnatic classical music from her Guru Mrs.Laxmi Iyengar of Manipal, Karnataka, India. Sushma Bhat learnt music for about 4 years. During which she was certified in Carnatic classical music, vocal junior level with distinction. Sushma Bhat and her family has a strong passion for music. Knowledge is more appreciated only when it is shared. With this thought in mind and with a strong passion for music, Sushma started MusicNamaste.com.

Special thanks to dearest and nearest family members who have always supported and encouraged the building of this website.