My blood group is not B +ve. But I hope to be a positive person and a positive influence for people around me. I fail miserably sometimes. I admit. But I get back on track again. You may wonder what’s so special about this blog? There are hundred’s of books out there that talk about the same topic. “Be positive!” If you are thinking this, you are right. There is nothing different. This is an ordinary blog by an ordinary person, who is learning lessons everyday to be positive in life.

The other day, I was watching a 10 month old baby trying to stand. He stood up, reached for the toy. Fell down! But he did not cry or wail. He was back up on his feet again and off he went for the toy again and he got it this time. There were no complaints. What does this baby know that I don’t?

Ok, let us look at the other extreme. I recently talked to a very enthusiastic lady real estate agent, who is very successful in her career of last five years. She has sold hundreds of houses to families looking for their perfect dream home. She has three children…and the best part she is almost 60 years. After many many years of desk accounting job, she finally is doing a job she enjoys! She made the move when she was 55 years old!

I am sure there are millions of such opportunities around us that teach us a lesson. “Be positive! “.

I had read a saying once that I think defies all laws of physics. It is something like this. When there are two strong positive forces acting on something, a third force unknown will also act on it.

I know it is true.