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Welcome to online learning space for Carnatic Music. In this page you will find everything you need to start Carnatic Music Practice. Learning the Carnatic Music can be divided into two parts – theory and practical learning. This website contains many articles on learning the theory of Carnatic Music. A step by step guide is provided below. Once you finish the theory guide, attempt the practical section. Practical section presents the basic foundational aspects of Carnatic Music with sing along teacher student lesson format, which you can listen anywhere – at home or in car.

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Carnatic Music Theory Introduction 

Topic (click on the link and open a new window)
Origin of Carnatic Music
History of Carnatic Music
Trinity of Carnatic Music
Concept of Shruti
Concept of Swara
Concept of Raaga
Concept of Taala


Carnatic Music Practical Lessons 

Topic (click on the link and open a new window)
Lesson 1 Learn Sarale Varase
Lesson 2 Learn Janti Varase
Lesson 3 Learn Taara Sthayee Varase
Lesson 4 Learn Mandra Sthayee Varase
Lesson 5 Learn Daatu Varase
Lesson 6 Learn Sapta Taala Alankara


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