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Inviting you all to send in Artists Profiles to be put up on MusicNamaste gets a good number of unique visitors a day from all over the world. It is a good platform to showcase the artist.

An example of Artist Profile page is as follows –  Artist Page

It need not be in the same format. But if you send me the description I will work with you to edit it and present it. Please email to

General qualifying criteria :

1. A minimum of 3-5 concerts experience.
2. Art form teaching experience of more than 7-10 years

Categories :

1. Child Artist: Age Group ( 3 – 18 years )
2. Young Artist /Junior Artist ( Age Group of 18 – 25 years ).
3. Senior Artist – ( Age Group 25 to 50 years )
4. Veteran Artist – ( Age Group 50 and above )


Hindustani vocal or instrumental, Carnatic vocal or instrumental, Indian classical or folk dance, folk music, Indian fusion music ( world/classical/folk ).

I want to promote all artists from various age groups. I believe there are lot of great artists in the Indian villages or in traditional households, who have hardly come into the limelight mainly because of lack of English language speaking skills. If you know such artists, I would really encourage you to pass me their info, so that I can put the spotlight on them..

Any suggestions or questions are welcome..