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We encourage you to submit your article or content  by emailing us at These are the rules for article submission-

  1. The article must be completely original and written and created by the author – including text , images, audio and video. Author of the article is solely responsible for the maintaining originality. is not responsible for any copied content or media.
  2. All articles will be evaluated by editor. Only the articles approved by editor will be published. If your article is approved, only then you will be informed via email.
  3. The article must be at least 500 words.
  4. Article cannot contain any offensive language.
  5. Editor may request some changes to the article, before it is published. These changes can be made by the author or with the author’s permission by the website editor.
  6. The original author’s name will be the only name published on the website.
  7. Multimedia will be published with the text to maintain uniformity in identity, but the ownership remains with the author.
  8. Once an article is published, it will remain on the website for a minimum of 90 days. After which the article may expire.
  9. The editor will decide as to where in the website, the article will be published.
  10. If you need your article to be revised, removed or deleted, please contact us.