We earn money, we use it for shopping on things we don’t really need. We use it on products, home maintenance, home improvement, education, health care expenses. Then we think of savings and investments. When is the point when we think – “ok, we have earned enough”. Or should we just keep earning till we retire in fear of preparing ourselves for the worst days?

Recently I witnessed two incidents of 2 working women, under the age of 60 who died with atleast half a million in savings and investments. When the time suddenly arrived, when they needed medical treatment, the money was of no use. Their bodies were not prepared to handle the medical advancements, and the doctors and relatives, could not do anything to save their lives. All of that money was of no use. These women did not have children, and the money is now part of heated discussions amongst various family members – especially siblings.

So makes me think, had they realised that this was going to happen, how would they have lived their life? Would they have lived their life differently?
Money is part of our daily living, and we need it. The question is what is that transformational point, when money becomes the by product of your life’s journey, and not the product of your life’s journey. Because its the latter that will leave no trace of you when you are gone. When money becomes a by product, of your actions, of your true purpose, of your meaningful life, how beautiful that experience will be!