Smt.Sharada Vishwanath in Concert

Artist Bio – Sharada Vishwanath

Sharada Vishwanath is a gifted Carnatic musician and singer. Her father Nagabhushan Rao was a school teacher who instilled very strong foundation of principles in her life from a very young age. Her father was also her Guru who laid a very strong foundation of Carnatic Music. Sharada Vishwanath imbibed the dedication towards Carnatic music and the  concept of practice from her Guru.

At very young age Sharada Vishwanath had the honor of being a regular performing artist in All India Radio. She is gifted with  a  melodious voice and ability to sing at a higher pitch, which is really a treat to her audience. She performed on All India Radio from 1969 to 1982.

Sharada Vishwanath has around 35 years of experience in the Carnatic music field. Her primary interest is in Carnatic vocal singing. She is also an expert in singing devotional songs especiallu Purandara Dasa devaranaamas, Bhajans, Kannada folk and Bhava geete.

 While her kids were growing up, she not only was working as a headmistress in school, but also conducted regular music classes for the kids and adults in the community. A number of her students fondly remember her as the Guru who mentored them for numerous stage performances.


Sharada Vishwanath currently resides in Bangalore area. She is working as a coordinator in a reputed school in Bangalore. She also conducts music classes for kids in her community in Bangalore. She performed in several solo concerts, notable ones are from Malleshwaram Ram Mandir Gana Sabha,Tirumala Tirupathi Temple in Bangalore, Banashankari Ram Mandir, Mulakanaadu Sangeetha Sabha, Karya Siddhi Hanuman Bangalore, Karya Siddhi Hanuman, Dallas, USA.

Smt.Sharada Vishwanath

Smt.Sharada Vishwanath

Her message to the children and the young music enthusiasts is to do Sadhane or practice as that will pave the path for perfection in music.

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