Cheluvi Cheluvi – Kannada Folk Song

Background: In India, concept of arranged marriage is an age old tradition. For an arranged marriage, the potential groom sees a lot of potential brides and decides to marry one.

In this song, it seems like the eligible bachelor has been searching for a perfect cheluvi (beauty ) for some time. Looking at his ambitions, one of his well wishes advises him that when it comes to wife beauty is not everything. And when it comes to life money is not everything. A simple song with a wonderful message.

Cheluvi cheluvi yendu

Ati aase pada byada

Cheluviddarenu gunavilla

Cheluviddarenu gunavilla

Hole neeru tili iddarenu ruchiyilla

// Don’t wish too much for a beautiful wife. Beauty does not mean goodness. Just like the water from a lake which looks clear but is really tasteless. //

Kappu hendati yendu

Kalavala padabyada

Nerale Hannu balu kappu

Nerale Hannu balu kappu

Iddaroo, tindu nodidare ruchi bahala

// Don’ fret about a dark skinned wife . Nerale fruit is very dark in color. But if you eat it you will know its sweetness//

Kempu hendai yendu

Santhosha pada byada

Attiya hannu balu kempu

Attiya hannu balu kempu

Odedu nodidare hulu bahala

// Don’t be overjoyed about a fair  skinned ( red in palor ) wife. The fruit Atti is very red too,but when you open it all you see are worms.. //

Bangara bale tottu

Badavara by byada

Bangara ninage sthiravalla

Bangara ninage sthiravalla

Madhyanha Sanje yaguvudu Tadavalla

// You may wear golden jewels,but don’t abuse the poor. Wealth is not a permanent asset, just like how the bright afternoon quickly turns into a dark evening.