I am still standing…

I am still standing
Beaten and bruised,
…and I am still standing

When I least expected,
There it came,
A blow to my soul
Raising a storm inside me,
No hands caressed me,
No arms lifted me,
I lied there in disbelief
in shock, pondering my next move…

Should I just lay here
On mother earth forever,
Should I may be start moving a bit,
crouching or crawling
Should I just sit up,
Supported by a hundred doubts
Or should I stand,
Supported by countless fears?
Can I do it?

And I did, and I am still standing

Standing was not easy,
And the storms continued,
One weak and another strong,
One silent and another loud,
and i walked and walked..
I knew not that I have this courage,
I knew not that I have this strength…

Look at me, I am still standing!

Some doors opened for me,
..and many more closed..
Some hopes lifted me,
..and some hopes were crushed…
Some dreams did come true,
..and some remained dreams forever…
Some moments were priceless
..and some were best forgotten…

But look I made it this far,
I stood up and moved ahead,

Destiny, you made me…!