Lesson 3 – Learn Taara Sthaayee (Upper Sthayi) Varase Online

Learn Melu Sthayee Varase (Taara Sthayee Varasai or Upper Sthayi Varase) through these sing along lessons.

This album contains 5 popular Taara Sthayee Varase in three different speeds. The lessons are in teacher student format. Hence the student can listen and then sing along. After a few repetitions of learning, the student can easily sing along.

The Shruti is at G and is generally suitable for both male and female. But individual pitch may be different.

For Taara Sthayee Varase lyrics please click here.

To listen and learn Taara Sthayee Varase, please click the video below.


Significance of Taara Sthayee Varase:

  1. Taara Sthayee or Upper Sthayee Varase introduces to the student the notes at a higher octave. This helps the vocal chords go to a higher pitch on the octave.
  2. This lays the foundation for higher notes, that are needed to be sung for complex compositions.