Swaravalis are the first of the Abhyasa Gaana or the exercises designed by Purandara Daasa for students. Swaravalis are- Sarale(learn here), Taara Sthayee(learn here), Mandra Sthayee(learn here), Janti Varase(learn here), Daatu Varase(learn here) and Alankaras(learn here).

Each of the above verses introduce the various basics of Carnatic music to student. Each of them are individually dealt in the corresponding articles.

These verses are typically sung in three speeds. Slow, Medium and Fast. Taala (Rhythm Indicators) help the student with the different paces. In the slow pace, one note is sung with one beat of Taala. In the medium pace, 2 notes are sung with one beat of Taala, in the fast pace, 4 notes are sung with 1 note of Taala.

Singing in three paces and especially in the fast pace, helps the student gain better control over tongue movement and pronunciation.

Raaga: MayamalavaGoula
Raaga Info: 15th Melakarta Raaga.

Scale: Sa Ri1 Ga3 Ma1  Pa  Da1  Ni3 – Sa+
Sa+ Ni3 Da1 Pa Ma1 Ga3 Ri1- Sa

Taala: Adi
Taala Info: Chaturashra Triputa or commonly known as Adi Taala. 1 Laghu with 4 beats (Chaturashra) and 2 Dhrutas denoted by 100.

Swaravalis and all other composition are sung with the background drone of Tanpura. This helps every student set to a comfortable pitch during singing or while playing an instrument. The student and the artist should never deviate from the original shruti or pitch that is set for that song or composition or in general that session.