My mind is on a time travel to ancient India. Hop on the time machine! Beep, Beep! We have reached! Destination: India. Time: Thousands ( ? ) of years ago!
Wow! What do I see here..? Earth is beautiful with all the greenery. The streets are lit up with myriad twinkling lights. The ladies are pretty with heavy silk sarees. The men are handsome with beady necklaces. The king’s soldiers are everywhere, protecting the people.

Swish..! Something flew by! Was that a plane? Looks like a plane! But how come? Plane was invented by Wright Brothers way back in the future!! The plane has something written on it..Pushpaka Vimana…Let me consult my MindWiki..

“Pushpaka Vimana is a divine flying machine. It looks like a plane. The aerodynamics of Vimana is exactly like an airplane. ”

Wow! Unbelievable. How is that the people who lived long long ago already knew the dynamics of flying. They also seem to have implemented it. Are these some kind of super humans who lived long ago and had special powers? Are these people Gods and Godesses?

Wait..Wait..I am rushing too fast. Let us explore some more..
Mmm..aroma of hot curry. Hopefully they can’t see me. Food looks yummy! MindWiki pops up!

” Indian food is a well balanced meal of all types of tastes – Sweet , Salt, Spice, Sour, Pungent, Bitter”. It balances any imbalances in your system. This is a concept of Ayurveda, thousands of years old medicinal system. ”

Wow again! How is that a well defined, structured medicinal system, originated and thrived so so long ago? How is it possible that without the help of modern day dissection techniques and experimentation on mice, highly advanced system of medicine evolved? I wonder what time zone I need to travel to find the answers.
O Mind…this is your food . But what about me?

Sigh…Oh there is a sage. He is upside down!! He is a Yogi! Thank God, I did not need MindWiki for that. It looks like Mind and Wiki work together these days !
Yoga evolved thousands of years ago in India. Yogi is the one who mastered it. Yogis did some astonishing acts. Walking on water was one of them. This shows the kind of control one had over their mind. The various yoga postures help one have good health and heal people of various diseases. How is it that millions of years ago, some one could think of such amazing ways to control mind?

Oooh..too many questions. Bemused! Lets relax a bit in that temple. Here we go, MindWiki again. ” Temple is a place of worship. The central area where the statue of God is kept is called Garba Gruha ( Womb area ). This area usually has a roof that is pyramidical in shape.”

Yes, I know this too. I also remember reading that, the shape of the roof over the Garba Gruha signifies a scientific fact. It has been noted over several scientific experiments that the level of energy at the place where the statue is installed is many times higher than the surrounding. It is also said that the water with which the idol is washed or bathed is said to possess healing powers due to this concentrated energy. In temples, this water is distributed to devotees as Theertha. Does not this seem incredulous? I believe Egyptian pyramids also have extra energy at the center…