Tyagaraja finds Rama

Tyagaraja was one of the greatest composers of carnatic music. Tyagaraja used to beg alms in the village to earn his daily meals. He never used his music for earning riches, which he could have if he wanted to. This made Tyagaraja’s elder brother Japesa unhappy and disappointed. He could not understand the wisdom Tyagaraja had aready attained by being detached to the riches and fame. When coaxing did not work, Japesa threw out the idol of Rama that Tyagaraja worshipped into the river. This was a heartbreaking incident for Tyagaraja. His agony led to composition of several songs, requesting Rama to come back to him. Lord Rama appeared in a dream to him and told him where he could find the idol.  He says in one of the most moving songs, “Unerringly I saw Sri Rama installed on the hill…Thrilled with ecstasy, with tears of joy, I tried to speak. He promised to bless me in five days.” In five days, Tyagaraja attained Samadhi. 

Moral of the story: Unerring faith can do miracles. Sometimes it takes more than mind and two eyes to see wisdom and faith.