Udupi the temple town

Udupi is a small temple town, in Karnataka near the coast of Arabian Sea. Primarily Udupi is famous for its 8 mutts and Krishna Temple. Shri Madhvacharya founded the Krishna temple. His 8 disciples were handed over the maintenance of the temple. Each one of them started a “mutt” or a religious institution. Today each “mutt” takes care of the administration on a rotation basis. Thousands of visitors flock this small temple town to get a peek at the vibrant Krishna with his magnificent diamond crown. The famous “Paryaya” is held every two years, with great grandeur. The primary highlight is the “Rathotsava” – chariot procession and also the initiation of the new swami from the “mutt” for change of administration.

Udupi is very scenic, surrounded by the coastal region and several rivers. Today Udupi is also a prominent educational seat of India.

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Udupi holds a special place in the development of Carnatic music. Two of the composers – Kanaka Daasa and Purandara Daasa have attached a special prominence to this place. Both the composers have composed in praise of Lord Krishna. The story goes that Krishna’s idol turned in its place to provide “darshana” to Kanaka Daasa, and till today remains that way. The famous composition of Kanaka Daasa – “Baagilanu Teredu” shows the pleading of Kanaka Daasa to Lord Krishna.

While saint Purandara Daasa captures the essence of Udupi in this composition below –

Samdurava Naa Kandu