Why learn Carnatic music?

You may wonder as to what’s in it for you to learn Carnatic music? How does it help you or our kids?

If you are a parent and if you love Carnatic music, you might have considered sending your kid for classes. But there are some more reasons why you might consider teaching your child music.

Let us talk about some general details about the positive effects of music.

Among the psychological effects of music, the most pronounced ones are the behaviour and temperament of the individual. Emotions, feelings and thoughts are highly influenced by listening to music. The emotional experience derived from music has a powerful effect on the formation of one’s moral and intellectual outlook.

Musical activities lead to the development of imagination and creative thinking. Singing or playing an instrument provides better sense of proportion, finer perception and a positive outlook. Shyness, aggressiveness and many such characteristics have been normalised by music.

Mere humming of musical tones may help one overcome loneliness. Music has an ability to inspire and enthuse the listener and performer, thus acting as an important and powerful weapon on his emotional well-being.

Music is the oldest form of expression that is known to influence the physical, mental, spiritual and moral side of man. Various musicologists and psychologists have acknowledged that music is a powerful means of achieving all-round development. It has been scientifically proven that music, the right kind and when used properly, has an effect on the physiology of human beings in the following ways:

  • It has a direct effect on the nervous and circulatory systems of the listener and performer.
  • Singing also organises the individual’s vocal apparatus, improves speech and develops vocal – auditory co-ordination.
  • Music combined with simple rhythm has helped cure many cases of stammering.
  • It has been employed as a therapeutic tool for the correction of various physical disorders and emotional disturbances.

Carnatic music in particular can help as below –

  1. Learning Carnatic music needs a lot of discipline. Singing or playing it is within a boundary set by the rules of music. Practising it on a regular basis brings forth discipline.
  2. Carnatic music and even Hindustani music is sung or played in harmony with the background drone. The ability to be in harmony with the drone calls for exceptional concentration and listening skills.
  3. Learning Carnatic music hones listening skills and improves concentration.
  4. When expanding Kalpana Swara and Alapana, the artist’s creativity is let free. Hence Carnatic music gives an outlet to creativity, within the boundaries.
  5. Singing helps develop vocal chords in children.
  6. Carnatic music singing teaches clear pronunciation and hence improves quality of speech.
  7. The various Raagas invoke various moods in the artist and the listener. Usually this has a very positive effect. But there are some melancholic Raagas too. Singing or listening to positive Raagas in the morning creates a great atmosphere and creates positive energy.
  8. Carnatic music develops a sense of balance and proportion in a person.
  9. Learning, singing, playing or teaching music helps one connect socially and removes fear, introvert qualities, lack of confidence. Music is a moral boost.
  10. Singing helps respiratory system.
  11. Singing or playing boosts body metabolism.

If your child does not seem to enjoy classical music or singing, don’t get disheartened. Music will surely touch one and all. Sometimes it may be a matter of time. It is okay to give up now and introduce it again sometime later in the child’s life.


If your child does not like singing, try other classical or western music instruments like Piano, Flute, Violin, Guitar, Veena or even drums..You never know where the talent lies. It is important not to push the child into learning, but it is important as a parent to give the opportunity to learn.

If you are an adult and you have never stopped to dream about learning music, you should know that it is never late. Whatever it is that you want to learn, just go for it and you will do it.

Music can do wonders! Believe in it and embrace it!

In this section, you will find basic lessons of Carnatic music. Hopefully this will help you in your quest to learn more of it..

MusicNamaste wishes you all the very best!